Melburnian author Andres Kabel writes fiction and nonfiction. His current major project, nearing its end, is a narrative nonfiction history. His portfolio includes murder mysteries, literary novels, and short stories (including prizewinners).

In a former life he was an actuary with three decades of global management experience.

For an overview of writing projects, check out andreskabel.com. You can email him at query@andreskabel.com.

Big Decade

This blog was born on January 1, 2016, shortly after Andres’s sixtieth birthday, and shall expire on December 31, 2025. A Big Decade is one geek’s 3, 653 days of focused meaningful activity. Each calendar year includes at least one Big Year.

Big Year

If attention and discipline appeal, you could be attracted to a Big Year. Over a calendar year, you obsess over one activity that appeals mightily. You might be attracted to activism, physical activity, culture, charity, craft, creativity, or any beguiling idea at all. On each of the 365 days (or at least the days conceivably available), resolve to attend to that obsession.

A Big Year:

  • Represents a significant undertaking; you commence on New Year’s Day and cease only after New Year’s Eve
  • Is not open-ended; no matter how tough it proves to be, you can see the end
  • Challenges your limits without being extreme; you can calibrate the time, energy and emotional requirements to fit your life
  • Requires advance planning and continuous calibration in order to fit it into your everyday life
  • Can be measured and should be reported upon; you not only obsess, you learn from doing so

My Pursuits

Writing provides much of the meaning in my life but I chase a number of dreams. I am an ardent reader in a wide variety of book genres, I also love modern film, and am still current with, and excited by, rock music. My wife and I hike often, our adventures ranging from day walks, through pub-to-pub multiday rambles, to camping and carrying packs into remote territory. We are ardent birdwatchers; like Jonathan Franzen, I use birding as my conduit to nature. An activist in several periods of my life, my current interest, albeit swamped by work, is climate change. I jog and cycle.

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