Fitness Big Year: 11 days out of action

Quite how to recover or reschedule or reimagine the last four and a half months of 2017 after flu knocked me out, quite what to do isn’t clear to me yet. I haven’t even done the sums.

But on this chilly, blue-skied afternoon, still hacking away with a cough, I donned my swanky shorts and knee warmers, and headed out. Just half an hour, just 10 kms, but it felt as sweet as any outing this year. My lungs seemed not to know what had hit them, then they adjusted. I wasn’t fast but not slow either, 19 kms/hour. I spluttered quite a bit but my body knew what to do and at the end I felt rightly refreshed.

Tomorrow, let’s restart the jogging!

Fitness Big Year: Is mopping Strava-able?

I’ve now lost seven days to this flu. A couple of days ago, in a burst of energy, I vacuumed and mopped, and even got to the gym, but that effort relapsed me. Now I’m uncertain as to how quickly to push the recovery, if that’s what today is (it sometimes feels like fresh up-time, sometimes more like that old damned flu). Can my big year recover from this? The thought daunts me.

Writing Big Year: I was flu-proof . . .

. . . or so I thought. Allowing for illness in a big year’s targets is tricky. On the one hand, if you are in bed, it’s hard to attend to a big year; on the other hand, you want to pressure yourself to stick with it no matter what.

I hadn’t had a bad cold for years, so had felt I was immune to any influenza virus. Maybe, I crowed internally, all my exercising does make me super hardy. I assumed I’d never get sick enough in 2017 to warrant making an allowance.

Well, this week I crashed into a dose of flu that so far has lost me two and a half days, and might cost me more. I’m sure there are some upsides but right now I can’t see them.