Writing Big Year: Loathsome work

Sometimes the labor is unenjoyable to the point of revulsion. Who really wants to examine page after detailed diagram of reactor accident material?

The only pleasure, during those times, is a kind of fury to get this over with. To be done with it.

Writing Big Year: The three volumes

Volume I breeds more complexity as a first volume than when it lived in a one-volume book. I’m working well on it and am still targeting the end of the year but quite what it will look like, or when I can aim the other two volumes for, or all the other planning goals I desperately need . . . all feels like it’s in limbo.

Let me live with limbo for a couple more weeks. Then certainty must cohere. Surely it must.

Halfway through the 2017 Big Years

Only one of the three Big Years is unfolding out as planned but all are alive and kicking:

  • Writing: I’m not fulfilling the precise daily requirements set on January 1, but boy, am I working well and hard each morning. I’m hoping soon to focus more on plans and weekly goals.
  • Fitness: all my 2017 kilometer goals are up in the air, partly due to injury, partly due to favoring writing ahead of exercise, but hey, I’m out there each and every day, and for that I should be thankful.
  • Rock music: 60 albums heard in entirety, 60 Pinterest reviewlets done. Wonderful!