1,000 Big Year: I got sidetracked

For various reasons, some of them vaguely satisfactory, yesterday I diverted from regular drafting to catching up on an old task. What countries do I need to tell nuclear proliferation stories about? Different authorities on this subject use different lists of such countries.

Actually, this assignment is essential for figuring out how to draft my early chapter(s) on this subject, so no, I’m not really being sidetracked.

1000 Big Year: Constructing a new day . . .

In building a new “standard day,” some sparkling new bricks can be mortared on with ready ease – an evening alarm to encourage sleep patterns, a brief (ten minutes) moment of stillness, a habit of daily exercise. Other bricks – a morning alarm, instilling afternoon productivity, diverting a little time into book production – are yet to be successfully laid. Patience required, Andres.

(Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash)