Writing Big Year: The pain of doing work I shouldn’t be doing . . .

Normally I chatter to myself, via this blog, about the writing work in progress. I’ve been silent, for the very good reason that once again I’ve diverted from drafting Volume I to cleaning up research work, in this case going through piles of Volume III material as per the photo. On this day it was American reactors in the late 2000s.

I’m not going to excuse myself. Nor berate myself. This push I’m doing right now will finally, after ever so long, clear up the 2000s and 2010s. Why am I doing this? Because this albatross, wrapped tightly around my neck, disturbs me so much, I have to get rid of it. Have to.

Anyway, I’m labouring immensely hard and making wonderful progress. I’ll keep closer tabs from now on, with the end approaching.

Fitness Big Year: Collapse

I kind of collapsed.

My revitalised Fitness Big Year was progressing so well. 3 cycles a week (one a little further), 3 runs a week (gradually increasing back up to 10 kms) and 3 gyms a week. Concentrating exercise towards the beginning of each day really helps.

On Saturday and Sunday I ended up exercising four times before donating blood, and on Monday I fasted, and early on Tuesday I ran for an hour . . . and by the end of that day I felt like shite and ran a tiny fever. Too much, too much. (Or I picked up a virus, another hypothesis.) The run also strained a glute muscle, necessitating a physio visit.

All’s well, etc. I slept in, mooched around, went to bed early, and this morning am coursing with energy. Hopefully just a bump in the road, for I’m keen to lock in a steady, undramatic routine.

Photo credit: trbpix via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Fitness Big Year: Getting solid

I’ve switched tack. I jog or cycle first thing each day, in the dark. This week I’ve hit my 70 km cycling target and will jog 7 kms 3 times, planning to steadily ratchet back up to 10 kms each outing. I’ve also decided to get to the gym three times a week. Nine exercise sessions a week means that on two days, I get out twice, something I’ve never attempted before. Yesterday I ran early, cycled early afternoon, and I was sore but uninjured. And my writing energy levels have increased.

I can now gaze forward at the year’s goals: 3,500 cycling kms, 900 jogging kms, 90 gym visits. Will this feeling of fitness improvement persist? Let’s wait and see.