Rock Music Big Year: Another level of devotion

Saturday’s Good Weekend magazine had a short interview with a Geelong chef and restauranteur, Aaron Turner, who says he is most proud of his record collection:

I have at least 400 LPs, everything from country to hardcore punk. . . . Now I buy between two and five records a week and spend about 24 hours a week listening to them. I don’t bring my vinyl in to work, though, they’d get covered in fat.

My album-a-day rigour means 7 hours a week, less than a third of Turner’s. Would I enjoy listening more if I listened way more often?

(Image from Age article)

Writing Big Year: Better in Darwin

Checking in. It’s the blessed Lucky Bat Cafe in Nightcliff. Darwin exudes heat (a water chiller!), though it’s not as life sapping as I found it during November and March visits. This time, somehow, my patina of perspiration relaxes and distances the world. My window seat chimes with cafe sounds and music and voices, yet silently nurtures a quiet pen at work. Outside: parked cars, a blue dog bowl of water, exotic palms low and tall, a blue sky whose blue isn’t like Melbourne at all.

Here I work swiftly, without hesitation. A cocoon timeless.


A real stew of drafting efforts, none of which make the cut. You’d think hundreds of pages of notes, dozens of plot iterations, and a kind-of-sort-of mental picture of “what happened”  . . . you’d think all these would make drafting easy. Indeed that was my notion.

But it’s pandemonium. On the plus side, I’m enjoying working so intensely on words rather than data.