Jogging Big Year: Boon or peril?

Six months in, am I positive or negative about my every-day-activity 1,600-km obsession? Let’s talk physical first:

  • Without a doubt my fitness has improved; it would be surprising if such a ramp-up of activity didn’t show up in stronger muscles and enhanced cardiovascular performance. I like this uplift. Run times, though still slow, are maybe 5% faster. The times when I gasp like a dying fish are less frequent.
  • In spite of much whinging, and anxiety about “breaking down,” here I am, still upright and mobile.
  • Finally, accustoming the body to very regular work seems to pay dividends for general health: no colds, ditto stomach disorders, good energy levels . . . all round “healthiness.”

Would I have gained these benefits by just “resolving to run more,” instead of hammering daily, daily, daily? The jury is out on that question.

And what about more general existential questions? Does a Jogging Big Year make a difference? More on that another day . . .

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