A scintillating read about running

Tom Foreman’s “My Year of Living Dangerously” is a rollicking read for anyone who runs or has run. Its premise is blurbed as: “Four half marathons, three full marathons, one 55-mile ultramarathon, and 2,000 miles of training all in one year. From a standstill.” The tale itself is thrilling but I was taken by this post-race reflection:

As people get older, life becomes all about playing it safe. We protect our jobs and our money. We guard our houses, and we try to make the world as risk-free as we can for our kids, because that is important. But along the way, you can lose yourself. You start thinking that the great adventures are all gone and that you’ve reached all the limits. . . . So, when I started this, I don’t know, it felt like something woke up inside me. I stopped getting through my days, and I started getting into them. I guess I ran this race because I didn’t want that to end.

I like to think my Jogging Big Year springs from the same impulse.

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