Daniel Pink interviews Anders Ericsson

If you’ve read Anders Ericsson’s “Peak” and not experienced some puzzlement on exactly how to “get better by practice,” I don’t think you’re reading carefully. There is something subtle about what Ericsson prescribes. This Heleo interview by Daniel Pink, himself a thinker on this topic – “Daniel Pink and Anders Ericsson: The Secrets of Top Performers and What It Takes to Be Truly Great” – provides some light.

First, you need to note this: “The advantage in some domains is really striking. In downhill skiing, if you haven’t started by age seven, there’s no example of somebody who’s made it into the international top hundred.”

Then: “Deliberate practice is when you have a one-on-one teaching situation with a coach or music teacher—that teacher can assess where you are and what things can help you improve. Here are the training activities that you can be doing by yourself for ten to twenty hours in the week until you see the music teacher again. You can see how somebody’s performance changes. Two weeks ago they couldn’t do this, but now they can. This gradually builds up, and eventually, with the right teacher, allows you to reach very high levels of performance.”

Very few of us will sign onto this kind of regime.

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