Rock Music Big Year: Will someone please build an app?

What would a “Strava for music listeners be like”?

Put this down as my geekiest thought ever. Strava lets me record a run or ride as it happens and then provides complete documentation of the action. No need for separate lists, databases, nothing.

Why not the same for listening to rock music albums? If I listened to a song, the song would be identified (that is, I wouldn’t need to write it down beforehand) and ticked off with the closing notes (that is, no need to write down a tick mark). If I got through an entire album of songs, the album would be noted for all time as “listened to on such-and-such date.” At any time of the year, I could check out this mythical app to easily see how much listening I’ve done, what it comprised and when I did it.

You won’t be startled to hear that the mythical app is, after all, a myth. There is no “GPS for music listening.” Music comes from so many sources and is heard in so many ways that nothing will automatically track the activity, let alone store it for posterity. Googling this notion produces a welter of manual methods used. Listeners use all manner of documentation methods and kludges.

For my Rock Music Big Year, I decide to set up a precise, almost elegant Evernote notebook and recording template. It will have to do.

(Photo by Callie Morgan)

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