2017 Writing Big Year: See the dawn every day . . .

The upcoming fifteen months (I call it a long calendar year) is my make-or-break effort to draft 20 chapters, to conquer the chaos of too much research.

That’s the end goal but I’m centering this Big Year around one precept: every day, wake up early. Rise and get working before dawn’s first rays.

Plenty of writers swear by getting their wordsmithing done first thing in the day. Of course night owl scribes exist as well, but mornings have always been best for me, so I tend to rise as early as possible and focus effort on the AM hours. The trouble is, I don’t do it regularly enough. Late morning starts intrude every few days and they wreck me: dissipate energetic focus, bring on stress, result in conflicts with life’s demands, etc., etc., etc.

No and no – let’s do this right, Andres, just get up early each and every day. No exceptions, no excuses.

I appreciate this comes across as a lame notion for a one-year obsession. Trivial, right? Certainly easier than training for a marathon or “getting fitter” or learning French? Not so, I can tell you. I’m practising for 2017 right now and eliminating the sleep-in is tough and unforgiving.

Next year fills me with fear. Fear is good, right?

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