Rock Music Big Year: Do you enjoy writing album reviews?

I do. But this year isn’t the one for full reviews. Instead, I’m documenting the year’s daily regimen – an album a day, repeated three times – with what I’m calling a reviewlet, a playful, quick, rather rough encapsulation of my three-listens impression. A reviewlet comprises the artist; the album title; my rating out of 10; three hopefully apt words about the album; and a short judgemental sentence. You won’t be able to use my reviewlet for a buy-or-not decision, but my fleeting impressions might  prompt you to seek more fulsome reviews (or to shy away from that album altogether).

If I can stick to this Big Year, I’ll produce 122 reviewlets. Don’t worry, I don’t intend to post them all on this blog (the tedium!), but if occasionally you’re interested, I will be sticking them on a Pinterest board (go to


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