Fitness Big Year: Hmmm . . .

What is fitness? Dictionary definitions don’t help at the individual level, nor does Google (you get millions of vague words by personal trainers pitching for clients). Specifically in my case, I called 2017 a Fitness Big Year simply because I was committing to a haphazard mix of cycling education (with a half decent distance goal), jogging (“keeping my hand in”) and gym (“it’s good for me, right?”). But is that all, am I just focusing on daily discipline? Or do I actually hope to “increase my fitness?” How will I know if my fitness does improve or worsen? If there is some form of goal beyond working my body daily, shouldn’t I be a bit more scientific about my approach? Shouldn’t I mix up some aspects, such as speed workouts and hills? My time is constrained, so I can’t join a club, or get a “fitness assessment,” or sign up for some kind of trainer, or do a course. Every time I run or cycle, these thoughts come back to me, but I’m confused, most confused.


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