Rock Music Big Year: Can the Grammys help me?

Yesterday morning I did something for the first time in my half century of music listening – I took a look at the Grammy results. I mean, look, everyone knows they’re a vortex of suckiness. Of the 84 category winners, I have only heard two – David Bowie’s Blackstar, intriguing but surely too avant to line up against the Adeles; and Flume’s Skin, also too challenging for the rap/country set. I saw Ron Howard’s Eight Days a Week doco on the Beatles. But serendipity slapped me: Cage the Elephant, a wonderful band, won Best Rock Album for Tell Me I’m Pretty, an album that inexplicably bypassed me. Stick it on the list and sigh with relief that scanning the Grammys list was a waste of time but not a complete waste of time. (Image of Cage the Elephant from here)

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