Writing Big Year: Abstract and Niemann and creativity

I’ve already posted about this but let me keep sharing Niemann’s hard-won conclusions about creativity (I’ve taken notes from all over Abstract’s Episode 1, don’t expect my notes to retain overall coherency) (here’s the YouTube official trailer for the 8-part series):

I’m convinced you always have to change direction while things are good. . . . I need to be in control and I need to have a very clear sense of where I’m going and why something is working and not working. On the other hand I’ve also realized that being more free-spirited is needed. I’ve found that I need to develop these two personas separately. . . . be a much more ruthless editor and be a much more careless artist. This I find psychologically exhausting but there’s good stuff happening there. . . . I take very specific time off for this kind of free creation because I know it’s basically impossible to do under a deadline. Literally just sitting in front of a piece of paper and just doling stuff and being fearless . . . there’s something there that I need to go back and investigate further.


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