Fitness Big Year . . . 110 kms of cycling this week!

A mediocre start to this Big Year means surgery to my plans:

  • 5,000 kms of cycling? I wasn’t even coming close, clocking up only 600 kms after 10 weeks. So instead of scheduling 100 kms/week over 3 rides (but never yet having achieved 100 kms in any week), I’m going for broke. 50 kms on Tuesday, 40 kms on Thursday, 20 kms on Saturday. It gladdens my heart to find that this week, I’ve managed that 110 kms. Weary, muscle-sore, but happy! (I know, I know . . . so many people we know regularly achieve much more than 110 kms. But they’re not me.)
  • 1,000 kms of jogging? Still well behind, 146 kms after 13 weeks. I am still stopping, unbidden, before the 10 kms I managed so easily last year. But I’m not fussing now, just doing my best. To hit the target, I either jog more often (this seems impossible) or further. Illogical as it might seem, even whilst I struggle with my distance, I’ve decided to push further, maybe 11 kms or 12 kms per outing. A work in progress . . .
  • 100 gym trips. Still well behind. I shall add an extra workout for each of the next eight or so weeks. This makes sense, as a muscle injury has set me back quite a bit and I need to restore a feeling of gym joy.

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