Fitness Big Year: Quarterly report – a smile!

See me (waterlogged) smile!

Jogging in Darwin means lungs straining in soup, so this week I’ve gone for three 6-km runs instead of my programmed two 10-12-km slogs. The first such was a failure – I walked part of the second half. But two days ago, the sky swiftly darkened, wind flared from nothing, and in an eyeblink I was inundated by a tropical storm, soon wet through. Amazingly, coolness enfolded and, although I could barely see for the lashing rain, I ran without stopping.

Three months in, I’ve cycled 1,060 kms (the annual goal is 5,000), run 216 kms (aiming for 1,000) and gym’d 22 times (100 times is the target). Clearly I’m behind 25% of the annual numbers, and it’s not easy to catch up, but I reckon I can do it. And now, finally, only now, am I beginning to find joy and smiles in this Big Year.

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