Writing Big Year: Lost in the canyons again

May 2017 is an exciting time for this writer. I use that adjective with due respect, for in fact the current work is grungy and not what the Big Year’s plan dictates. I’m back processing research from 2013, processing hunks of it with gusto and efficiency, but nonetheless diverging from drafting. Why? A great deep compulsion to cast off the albatross wrapped around my neck, that’s why. Put simply, if I can’t move towards the “end of ends,” the end of assimilation of data, well, my spirit will break.

The Big Year’s rules from January 1, 2017, were to wake early, work without interruptions (hello Facebook!) until noon, and to draft (first draft only) the book by December 31. Within two months I’d dialed this down: wake and work but aim to finish and publish (self publish) the book’s Volume I by year’s end, with Volume II and III drafted by April 2018 (my big year now spanned 16 months!).

What do I do now that my 2017 goal has been scuppered, ruined by my own actions?

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