Writing Big Year: Yet another fresh covenant

If I could work harder, I would, but I can’t, so I’ve taken another look at the shape of 2017. The essence of the Big Year – rising early and working uninterrupted for the morning – is faring well, though it’s exhausting, but the year’s goal morphs and morphs and morphs . . .

The morale-boosting aspect of my recent distraction back into catch-up-and-clean-up-and-be-done-with-it research is that I can at last see the entirety of the book – the research and the writing – as achievable. At last.

Anyway, I hereby nominate the 2017 Writing Big Year goal as having a publication-ready version of Volume I done and dusted. (Actually self-publishing will take a bit more elapsed time.) I’m in the process of installing a week-by-week plan but in essence I’ll need to finish first drafts by the end of October.

I shall.

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