Dispatches from the Land of Steady: May 26

Are you ever called to the Land of Steady? This is the place where you need to just stay and be and try and stay . . . and stay. You’re at your canvas, brush dangling, panic gripping. You’re attempting the Blue Oyster Cult chord on your first guitar, again and once more, and your fingers go numb. You’re in the kitchen, nerves raw for many reasons, and you know you must keep on with the boring, the tedious, because that’s what you committed to.

The Land of Steady: you’re dying to flee because nothing good is happening and nothing might . . . but you’re better off remaining steady than ditching all hope.

You set yourself half a week to plot out Chapter 6. It’s too much. You collected too much information; nonetheless, you reckon you’re a dab hand at synthesis, so it should be easy, right? Well, after a day and a half, all you have to show is some ideas over a fraction of Chapter 6’s timespan.

This is where you’ve learnt to do one thing: stay. Never walk out. Stay. The plot will come. Stay.

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