Is the Fitness Big Year flawed and a route to fatness?

My jogging route in Sydney takes me up this thoroughfare but then improves by meandering to a scenic river. The only trouble is, I can’t get to the water right now. Injured!

Injured and I’ve gained two or three kilograms over five months. How did the Fitness Big Year, so hopeful in intent, come to this pass? Who knows what’s luck and what is my fault, but the basic story goes like this. I began aiming to turn 4 weekly hours of jogging into 2 jogging hours and 6 cycling hours, but after a couple of good months, the writing pressure told, and suddenly I was honoring the “daily commitment” aspect by still being a good boy and exercising daily but dialling down the cycling hours to 3, and then I loved my red wine after headachy work days, and cycling isn’t as calorie-killing as running, and last Saturday a short run left me deliciously sore, only it wasn’t delicious but a torn hamstring (I think, I’m no doctor) and now I can barely hobble 2 kms!

I feel like bemoaning this entire Big Year, wailing “I should have stuck with last year’s schedule,” but that’s not the answer. I’m going to take a day off, then cycle short distances each and every day (my “daily commitment”), because cycling doesn’t employ the hamstring much. Next week back in Melbourne: the physio. And I tell myself this story offers lessons. I smile.

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