Magical aural moment: Slowdive’s “Star Roving”

If you’re not listening to new music, your old faves might move you or groove you, but you won’t get that goosebumps effect when a song, a chord, a chorus, a solo . . . it could be anything at all . . . transfixes you. “Holy shit,” you mutter and you know you’ll play that track again and again and again.

Over halfway through “Star Roving,” apparently the single from Slowdive’s self-titled album, its first in 27 years, the chugging riff quietens to background chugging with a cooing vocal reprise, it slows, it calms, it slows . . . then wham, we’re back in the thick of the muddy, reverberating riff. It feels like the holding of breath, then a sighing release.

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