Defiant Earth by Clive Hamilton

Clive Hamilton always writes cogently and passionately. His latest book, Defiant Earth, is a more difficult read, more technical philosophy than science exposition or polemic, and I confess that although I worked my way through the arguments, my overall takeaway is limited. Nonetheless, it does caution me away from two philosophical/political stances commonly witnessed. Beware the geoengineering gung-ho guys: messing with the atmosphere, for example, is just another iteration of “humans rule,” something they patently never did and don’t now. Be careful also with recently traditional environmentalist fixations on “Gaia,” “the biosphere,” “one species among many,” etc.: we are the only species now walking hand in arm with the planet towards a new future. In other words, the new Anthropocene Epoch is a geological phase in which planet Earth and the only sentient influence, the Human Race, interact. (I’m sure I mistate Hamilton’s formulation, so if interested, read his book.)

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