Fitness Big Year: Some numbers

In Darwin I tried to up the ante and conquer 8-km runs. Twice I tried and twice I had to part walk the last few kilometers. In the relaxing dry heat of the city’s winter, down by the water, I didn’t mind.

Halfway through the year, I’d run 365 kms, well under 50% of the 2017 target of 900 kms. If my hamstring and feet and errant mind get me back to 10-kms runs, the target remains achievable, given that I’ve also decided to run three times a week.

I’d cycled 1,800 kms. The end-of-year goal is 3,500 kms. On track.

I’d worked out 43 times. The goal is 90. Having concluded two gym sessions a week is counter productive, if I’m steady with three visits each week, the goal is doable.

I now have a much better picture of what to do each week until December 31. Isn’t that peace?


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