The fitness numbers

Witnessing a tram on your run is lucky, right? Working my way back towards 10 kms, just over 7 this morning, I took an unflinching look at the arithmetic. With 18 weeks left in 2017, and maybe allowing 2 weeks for contingencies, two of my targets remain readily conquerable: I’ve already run nearly 500 kms against a 900-km goal, and 90 gym sessions will be easy.

What needs tweaking is the cycling setup. My 2017 aims are now so truncated, from 7,000 kms at the outset, downwards to 5,000 kms, and now only 3,500 kms, that I’d be cheating myself if I didn’t make sure to get those 3,500. Well, I’m currently sitting on only 2,233 kms. I make a decision to up the weekly cycling goal from 70 to 80 kms. That doesn’t sound too hard, surely?

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