Magical aural moment: “The Prince” by My Friend The Chocolate Cake

A tinkling, plunking piano, that world-weary, slightly raspy David Bridie voice . . . Right away, we hear his opening line – “When the Prince sings” – and we know this is about Trump, Turnbull, some tyrant. Drum and bass sneak in. Your memory buds activate and you remember the sublime “World Leader Pretend” from R.E.M. nearly three decades ago. “When the Prince says go back to your country, this is not your real home, nothing’s for you here” . . .

And then plucked strings, a held violin note, and Bridie begins a lyric-less refrain that sounds like “gooda-gooda,” soft and shifting, bursting with sad melody, the band swelling around him, and fair dinkum, hairs stand up on the back of your neck. So unexpected and intense is this yearning croon that the song instantly transforms from a quiet tune of rage into something transcendent.

If you don’t know My Friend The Chocolate Cake, this new album The Revival Meeting stands as one of their best and is perfect as an introduction. Buy it and please, please wait patiently through eleven tracks until “The Prince.”

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