Magical aural moment: “Put Your Money On Me” by Arcade Fire

Track 11 is where they bury the filler (I’m working my way through Everything Now, Arcade Fire’s fifth), so when a lazy snare, behind which I can hear a wash of background voices, flips to a crass, boomy Abba┬á moog stomper, I almost cut to Track 12. But then 25 seconds in, Win Butler’s highest falsetto calls “put your money on me” a few times (the background ambience thickening) before a crass, fat bass line launches Butler an octave lower with “put your money on me, if you think I’m losing you, you must be crazy.” Now it’s kinda catchy, so I stop typing and attend. Trees wave in the breeze outside. The verses intensify, Butler’s vocals emoting as only he can do, instruments and background voices chipping in with almost random frequency but all so, so intense. Nothing stays still, the whole 5:53 minutes weaves without coherence. Catchy as all hell, though. A love song, methinks, the best of 2017 so far.

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