Fitness Big Year: Evolving role of gym

Most of the folks I’ve grown accustomed to seeing at my airy, hospitable gym clearly use long workout sessions as their main exercise outlet. I’ve always suffered gym out of a sense of duty: a geek’s upper body is invariably spindly and weak, and we all know modest weight bearing routines are a great hedge against arthritis.

But now, nearly three quarters through 2017, a change of attitude hits me. Suddenly I’m looking forward to the one-hour outing: the walk to gym, the routines, the sashay home. How do I account for this uplift? I’m not sure but trying to insist on three times a week (I used to go for two, which sometimes became only one) seems to make the difference. Repeating my modest reps more often means I can see inescapable, if very slight, improvement. Perhaps I’m even becoming more “mindful” or “Zen like” with the formerly boring reps.

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