Dispatches from the Land of Steady: September 25

Quick, name a cool antonym of the word steady (or steadfast or regular or, you know, working). Slack . . . bludger . . . lazy . . . shiftless . . . all these beckon but they’re laced with self-loathing and that’s not I wish to convey. “Busman’s holiday” is closer to the mark, but I’m not quite writing as a break from writing. No, for a few recent days (for portions of the day) and for today (all day), I’m reading. Reading hard, ploughing through book stacks. Memoirs, thrillers, how-tos, popular histories, sci-fi, detective mysteries, novels galore, tech histories, writer’s-craft offerings, award winners, fantasies . . . there doesn’t seem to be a genre that hasn’t ended up on my iPad. Is this a refresh, the oiling of creaking limbs? Hopefully. Tomorrow the vacation ceases.

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