Fartlek: a pointer to next year?

A grey Melbourne day ideal for running, a week ago. I don’t feel especially fleet of foot but decide on impulse to do my 10 kms in “Fartlek” style. I’m no expert and didn’t consult any reference, but my knowledge of this form of training is to alternate fast stretches with recovery slow ones. So I alternate slow kilometers with significantly faster ones. I’m sure I don’t do the method justice – psychologically I can’t force myself to run fast enough – but the effect is exhilarating. Fast means a 6:00 mins/km pace or thereabouts, slow means 6:30. The end result? 6:20, sore hamstrings, and a feeling of exultation.

Perhaps this “year of fitness” is making me fitter? Perhaps next year I can aspire to some ambition, a faster Andres, someone who tries competitions?

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