Die, nostalgia, die

Hey you, burn your ABBA tee-shirt. Take a hammer to your Best Of Beatles CD. Twist the radio dial away from Smooth FM, never to return. A fan of brain plasticity? Well then, resist the brain-deadening stupor of yet again bopping to “Love Is In the Air.” Refresh your rock music language: The Stones aren’t “legends,” they’re pathetic oldsters. Sell the Eagles tickets gifted for your birthday . . . better still, bin them, so no one has to endure last century’s embarrassments. Trash Nirvana. Zap Led Zeppelin. Once a decade, let yourself  fondly recall “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” but otherwise never, ever glance at articles about Elton. Use your Oasis LP as a frisbee.

You don’t reread The Hobbit every month. For pity’s sake, open your ears to fresh grooves!

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