Rock Music Big Year: No more a klutz

Hooray for regular listening, now I know something, okay? I’d lost touch with rock music’s emerging highlights, let alone music’s nooks and crannies, but I’m on my 97th recent release by now, and I’m no longer a klutz. For three days from January 19 (so long ago!), I listened to my 7th album for the year, the EP Snow Globe by ace Melbourne band Tiny Little Houses (check out my reviewlet). If not for this Big Year, I’d never have noticed them. Never.

Now I’m in the loop! Tiny Little Houses has a new single out, “Entitled Generation,” and it’s an oozing, spitting fireball, so accomplished and just what I need in my life. Check them out: @tinylittlehouses on Facebook. Their debut album hits the streets in January.

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