Magical Aural Moment: “I’m Here for Now” by Kelley Stoltz

Upon a whim – where have I heard of him before? – I line up this Detroit singer-songwriter’s latest album Que Aura. Track #1 smashes into the room, a thundering classic bassline, droning fuzzy melodic guitar, spruced up by distant cheesy drums. “See me knocking on wood, lookin’ for some kind of meaning,” launches an ancient processed vocal, and before I can recover from my delight, the muddy chorus of “I’m here for now,” rounded off with synthesiser “oohs,” takes me back decades. At once bang up to date but tapping into . . . into what? Into my head jumps Roy Wood’s (yes, the co-founder of Electric Light Orchestra) weirdly garage-DIY solo album Boulders.

At the end of the track, I switch it to repeat. Magic, just magic.

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