Writing Big Year: What a train wreck!

Whatever shape or form this Big Year had on January 1, I’ve abandoned it for weeks, weeks on end. Book progress has inched forward at a rate so glacial that I’d need another century to reach publication.

Does this have anything to do with the success of my Fitness Big Year? A sleepless night has convinced me there is a firm connection. Quite some time ago, I switched exercising to mornings, mostly early, and the rewards were immediate in the form of great energy and honest application. I haven’t missed an exercising day in nearly six weeks, and over the last three months, rest days can be counted on one hand.

The idea was that a happy fit body would lead to ease of writing in the remaining hours of each day. Instead, I’m stalled, stuck and wallowing in unproductive activities. Life is sweet but the book is dying.

So . . . I switch back. Rise early, Andres, and work until noon. No distractions. Set goals and get stuff done. Today is Day One.

Photo credit: National Library of Australia Commons via Visual hunt / No known copyright restrictions

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