Big Decade: I wish I could focus on TV series!

A traditionalist, I’ve always favored books over movies and TV. I missed out on The Wire, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones. I heard the plaudits – these were slow-build, movie-budget, character-based series of immense gravitas – but I ignored them.

I was wrong. Today is a new era of film, living inside television, or more accurately, the modern streaming world. Today is a new Golden Age.

I’m playing catch-up. I’ve revelled in Mindhunter, Vinyl, The Crown, Fargo, True Detective, and Legion. Magnificent, each one of them, as good as any novels I’ve read over the last half decade. I’m now ploughing through Justified, Chance, Berlin Station, Dark, Godless, The Sinner, Mr. Robot, The Handmaid’s Tale, SS-GB, The Night Manager, The Code, and Halt and Catch Fire. Quality remains superlative.

In this Golden Age, what I wouldn’t give to run a TV Series Big Year! I think I’d commit to two episodes a day, for each of 365 days (I can download many of them onto my iPad, don my blue Jabra headphones, and squeeze in screen time any section of a day). Assuming ten episodes per series we’d be talking about 70 series over the year. Wouldn’t that be fun, and, more to the point, meaningful?

But . . . but . . . but I can’t. Other priorities overrule. Maybe 2019? 2020? Will the Golden Age Of The TV Series last until then? I certainly hope so.

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  1. I particularly enjoy doing a series end-to-end across all seasons.

    Selection of series was simple – 0n-line lists of HBO and Netflix “top 10” series!

    Karen and I are now in a routine of doing 2 episodes a night and have completed Dexter, Weeds, Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, Fargo, The Blacklist, House of Cards (English original) and currently The Wire…

    Topical series we do a season at a time as they come out and follow this methodology for Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, and House of Cards.

    Good old fashion immersion in escapism!

    1. That’s a grand list of completions and, at least as far as I know them, your selections are not just escapism, they’re modern art forms. I’d not heard of Sons of Anarchy but I see a review describing it as “Shakespeare on wheels”! I wish we had a two-episodes-a-night routine.

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