Fitness Big Year: Am I obsessing too much?

This Big Year has morphed a bit over the year. The emerging experience with adding cycling to the jogging habit has led my to a weekly regimen: cycle 3 times for 90 kms, jog 3 times for 30 kms, do my gym routine 3 times. Nine activities a week, which means a couple of days a week I double up. This cycle, still rather new to me, seems to zing!

But I like to overlay annual targets, so I aimed (after a couple of edits) for 4,000 kms of cycling, 1,000 kms of jogging, and 100 gym sessions. An annual goal is, I’ve found, a wonderful motivator. And it allows you to occasionally “catch up” if life really assails your routines.

Well, right now I’m caught in a vice. With 12 days to go (with five of them in Darwin, in that swelter that makes longer jogs impossible and where I can’t cycle or go to the gym), I need 57 more cycling kms (doable), and 70 more cycling kms (needing almost daily running, which is hard on me), and 4 gym visits (difficult to fit in). And I ask myself: does it matter if I end up with 990 jogging kilometers? One part of me answers: of course it’s not important, what counts is regularity, the weekly targets. Another part of me, the dangerous one, demurs: of course you need 4,000/1,000/100,  Andres, achieve it no matter what!

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