Hello, Big Year: Tractor

I’m over the moon anticipating this Big Year, but it will prove to be a major challenge to fit it in and, more important, make it productive.

”Tractor” is my code word for the book, which has a working title of Reactor (you don’t use or abuse precious words like names and titles), and the idea of this Big Year is to make sure I rigorously pursue the mechanics of self publication. What outlets will I use? How will I ensure there is a physical book as well as an ebook? How does one format an ebook, especially a complex one? Pricing? What cover design is best? What about copyright of the many quotes I plan to use throughout my book? And so on . . .

I could wait until the words are written (and I know some of you would tell me I shouldn’t let anything distract me from drafting). Instead my Big Year involves me spending one hour, no more, no less, each and every afternoon (except for some “off” weeks travelling), researching, exploring, readying, experimenting, etc.

I don’t expect the Tractor Big Year to be simple to achieve (my afternoons are nearly full!) or straightforward (what exactly am I to do and how do I ensure I don’t just pfaff around?). But I’ll try to excite myself daily and thrown myself in hard.

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