Hello, Big Year: Freshness

In 2016 I jogged very regularly (Jogging Big Year). This year I labelled as my Fitness Big Year. I introduced cycling and, after experimentation, settled on an authoritarian regimen of compulsory daily exercise, in fact nine times a week (3 rides, 3 jogs, 3 gyms).

One option for 2018 is to build on a slightly stronger body (for a 62-year-old) and expand my riding, perhaps even engage in competitive activities. But writing must take priority, so I’ve decided to do much the same as in 2017, with a twist. The “fitness” concept worked well but I’m not at peace with my diet or my sleeping, so I’m aiming for a year of jogging/cycling/gym steadiness with improvements.

The idea is to translate my healthy exercise levels into quality energy. I call it Freshness, standing for vigor, vitality, energy, zap, etc., etc. Here’s the rather odd combination I’ll strive for:

  • 90/30/3 – each week, and only in the afternoons, exercise 9 times, cycling 90 kms, jogging 30 kms, and gym’ing 3 times. Note that the jogging and gym’ing weekly targets are unchanged from 2017, whereas in 2018 I’m actually reducing cycling from 110 kms/week to 90. Why the reduction? Time imposts, that’s all.
  • I’m looking at annual targets of cycling 3,000 kms (quite a bit less than 2017’s 4,000), jogging 1,200 kms (up from 2017’s 1,000 kms but of course way less than 2016’s 1,700 kms), and 100 gyms (unchanged from 2017). Even though I’ve set these as annual targets, in 2018 I’ll focus much more on making each week pristine, rather than focusing on the an annual goal that can let me have a slack week followed by a catch-up week. The aim is regularity, so that I grumble less and simply get used to habitual exercise.
  • M-W AFDs + 14 – absolutely no alcohol for the first three days of each and every week, and no more than 14 standard drinks per week. Why this weird impost? Well, I’m the addictive type and like my wine, and have, over the last few years, experienced a seemingly never-ending cycle of imbibing just a bit too much, trying to curb consumption with resolutions and systems, and periods of irrational guilt. All my research says 14 standard drinks is an absolute maximum for me at my age. Why Monday to Wednesday? Because my personality prefers to get the bad times out of the way at the beginning of a week, with the prospect of release at the end.
  • 2 alarms – each and every day, set an alarm to go to sleep and one to rise. Insomnia is a phenomenon that puzzles me. I’ve always managed on little sleep, sometimes sleeping soundly, at other times being fitful. Right now sleep quality and quantity are not great, so in 2018 I’d like to get to a better place. 10:15 PM to sleep . . . 5 AM to rise . . . will steady application of these alarms instil deep, refreshing sleep? Let’s see.
  • No snacking cheese – each and every day, stay away from cheese platters (cheese in recipes is fine). Why such a strange rule? Whereas in 2016, I kept my weight largely down to optimum leanness, this year I’ve ended up consistently over. I’m not overweight by much – one kilogram or maybe one and a half – but again, this is an issue that’s troubled me. I love calories and my exercise level means I can indulge, but I need to cut something out, and fine cheese (which I can’t resist but isn’t nirvana to my taste buds) seems the ideal target. (An ancillary reason is the ethical call from some friends to go vegan, which I can’t make myself do, so assuaging my conscience with a cut in dairy feels great.)
  • No afternoon snacking at home – each and every day. After exercising, I can scoff any amount of crap, leaving me feeling guilty afterwards. So why not just cut out the dangerous pre-dinner period? Let’s see if it works.

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