Hello, Big Year: Stillness

Is it ridiculous to obsess for 10 minutes a day? In this case, no. Over various periods, I have enjoyed the marvellous Headspace meditation app, but I’ve never stuck at it. Something in me resists all the entreaties about mindfulness – I like my restless brain – but I recognize the need to find some peace in every packed 2018 day. So I’m going to listen to the app, 10 minutes is all it takes, every day of the year. I can cart it with me even when on the road, so there is no reason (other than my inconstancy) why I should miss a day.

I’m calling this Stillness, around the notion of finding quiet and peace and repose amidst the storm of life, and I’ll use the Stillness Big Year as an excuse to ponder the role and efficacy of meditation.

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