Tractor Big Year: This book is a great overview of self-publishing

An hour a day learning how to produce a book. How to self-publish. It’s more complicated than it looks. At each stage of the process, companies have sprung up to do it for you, for a buck or a cut. Such a wide subject cries for an introductory text and I’ve found one: Choosing the Best Self-Publishing Companies and Services 2018: How To Self-Publish Your Book” by Jim Giammatteo & John Doppler.

Here are the seven stages I need to navigate:

  • Write
  • Edit
  • Make me a book cover
  • Physically make an ebook or print book, including delivering the text in a suitable format
  • Distribute the ebook/print book to the places readers come
  • Market and promote
  • License other rights (audio, libraries, etc.)

I’m doing the first part right now. In the meantime this Big Year enforces discipline in negotiating all the complexities of the other six stages. The Giammatteo & Doppler book evaluates options for each stage and recommends the best ones. I cannot recommend it too highly.

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