Freshness Big Year: My remake

2018 is into Week 10 and the cornerstone of my exercise obsession – 90/30/3, which is a weekly goal of 90 kms of cycling, 30 kms of jogging, and 3 gym sessions – has only been met twice. Recent sedate hiking in Western Victoria gave me room to think: am I slack or what?

Why is 90/30/3 so hard to achieve? Because of two reasons: (i) I’m prioritising another Big Year, the writing one; and (ii) I can’t consistently rise at sparrow’s fart. When I sleep in a bit, I’m doing the right thing and working on past the usual main deadline of noon. Last year if I needed to exercise in the morning to meet my targets, that’s what I did, but this year I only huff and puff in the afternoons, so that every now and then I just can’t fit in longer bike rides, for example.

Since the idea of the Freshness Big Year is to brim with calm energy, something is not working, but rather than abandon hope, I’ve decided to reframe this Big Year. Let me be just as obsessive but not so intense! Instead of a weekly goal, I’m now targeting annual goals that accord flexibility whilst still requiring daily, or near daily, attention.

I’ll finalize 2018’s goals today but in the meantime am filled with hope that by the end of this year, I shall be the “perfect human”: sleeping like the sleep experts say I should, springing from bed at the optimal time, and burning with healthful energy all day long. All I need do is obey my own rules, day by day. That, anyway, is the quixotic goal.


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