My Big Decade: What to do on a holiday from words . . . read words!

From tomorrow, for two and a half months, I’ll be free of the yoke of substantive Big Years. Last year we didn’t do any major trips, so this represents the first hefty downtime from daily strictures in well over a year. I’ll be busy but differently busy.

I welcome the holiday but as always when given some breathing room, I feel an urge to dream, to dream big. So I’ve decided that in snatched spare moments, I’ll try to envision what future Big Years should entail. Why not? What could inspire more?

And being the geek I am, my chosen method of picturing the future is to read books. So I’ll use six recently published books to reflect on six possible Big Years. Sometimes a chosen book seems to be right on song, sometimes it’s the best I can do and might not amount to much at all. At the very least, I breathe to myself, let’s set the imagination soaring.

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