Need to switch reading to Crime Fiction

I used to be right into the crime fiction/murder mystery genre and it remains close to my heart. But I’ve had to triage reading and viewing over the last couple of years and for some reason gravitated to sci-fi. I’ve just finished watching the stunning Netflix series “Altered Carbon” and on today’s flight will binge watch the “American Gods” series and the movie “Annihilation.”

But now that the Tractor Big Year has taken control and is directing me to self publish my first murder mystery, it occurs to me I should zero back into the crime genre. Accordingly, I’ll begin seeking out new mystery series (I’m sick of the oldies) and will commence on two Netflix series. The first is “Jack Irish,” starring Guy Pearce, based on the brilliant novels of Peter Temple, sadly just deceased. The second is “Shetland,” a series based on books by Ann Cleeves, someone I’ve never tried. I’ll be intrigued to see if the old crime fiction magic recasts its spell on me.

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