100 days in: Freshness Big Year

If I could, I’d restart this Big Year with a greater degree of simplicity, but here are the tedious ticks and crosses, moving from the biggies to the minnows:

  • Cycling – going for a low 2,000 kms, I’ve struggled to find the time to hit my weekly targets, but am at 750 kms now and should achieve 2,000. Tick. (I now won’t ride a bike for the next ten weeks!)
  • Jogging – after a major low, and impacted by travel and minor health issues, I’m now almost at my weekly target but only have just under 300 kms against a year-end target of 1,250. I’ll either need to up my weekly budget a bit or make a special effort while in Europe (I can probably jog five of the ten weeks). Cross.
  • Gym – I’ve only gone 24 times and, after Europe, will need to increase the weekly goal from two to three sessions in order to hit 100. A big cross.
  • Overall exercising – I’ve missed a quarter of my days. Most missed days have an excuse but a meaningful number haven’t. Even with the best will in the world, I have to count this as a cross.
  • Alcohol – does anyone like their wine as much as I do? Given that, I’m delighted to have stuck to 42 of the targeted 45 AFDs (3 per week), and my average weekly glasses are only a bit over target. It’s hard to describe how buoyant this analysis makes me feel. Tick.
  • The minor daily impositions/prohibitions – alarms, cheese, and snacking – are close to 100%. Tick.

Overall, this Big Year has been one exhausting struggle but the major reason – I’m prioritising writing far more – is sound. As I’ve discussed previously, I’m yet to feel “fresh” as was the intention, but I haven’t flagged at all. So . . . not a tick but let’s commit once more to the full year’s aspirations!

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