Am I too late for a Big Year of Tough Hikes?

In 2015 the appeal of this Big Year was crystal clear to me. Every month or two, why not fo for one of the macho full-backpack, sleep-in-tent hikes that bedazzle global adventurers. My mental list includes the Grand Canyon, Tour du Mont Blanc, Corsica, Western Arthurs, Iceland, canyons in Utah, one or two in New Zealand. Once you start dreaming like this, the imagination and its attached yearnings, soar.

The trouble is, I’m a bit older now. And Pam is not interested in such hikes at all (she loves other kinds of hikes, such as the one we’re embarking upon shortly), so it would make for a lonely year.

So . . . I’ve tracked down a book that looks dubious but may address the “challlenge” aspects of such a Big Year, “Grit Is a 4-Letter Word: The Psychology of Backcountry Travel” ( by Ann Gimpel. Let us see what emerges, eh?

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