Searching for meaning on a pilgrimage

I’m not a real pilgrim but my crude notion is to somehow use the Way of Saint Francis to “change myself” or “find myself” or “extract meaning” or “quest toward something” . . . in other words, to actively do something more pilgrim-like than trudge and recover and touristify and eat. So in Rome I buy a funny little notebook with a movie poster cover of Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita” and each blank page watermarked with that poster. Can I force myself to see more than the usual each day and to jot down something useful, something proactive?

I have eight such one-page scribblings by now, after descending from the chilly Appennines’ heights. They’re very personal, so I won’t share too many but just by revealing two such daily aphorisms, you’ll see how hard I’m trying and how opaque the results: “Cathedral’s green” and “Abandon the NOT!”

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