Freshness Big Year: Keen to resume normal disciplines

Who is that hunched guy agonizing over a piddling run in Slovenia? Why, it’s me a couple of weeks back. After ceasing my normal day-on-day roster of run/cycle/gym back in mid-April, I managed to run 25 uninspired kms in Spain over four days, but then hiking subsumed everything, and I had five weeks away from my jogging shoes, which I think is my longest separation in many years. At the end of May, I shuffled a few kilometers in Rome, then gradually over ten days in Slovenia (7 jogs amounting to 55 kms), I  morphed from hunched-corpse-running to some semblance of my old self. This week lazing in holiday town Rovinj (Croatia), I’ve managed four runs of 28 kms, but the improvement has been pleasing: I ran 10 kms without a need to stop two days ago, and my last jog today was a faster 5 kms that felt magnificent! Conclusion: I think I can resume the regular three 10-km weekly runs from Wednesday back in Melbourne. It’s hard to express how buoyant I am!

Better still, we cycled twice here, both trips around 25 kms, and although my bike was a semi mountain bike and too small, my post-ride legs stayed rubbery for only an hour or so. I believe I can resume cycling on Thursday!

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