1,000 Big Year: A rough restart

I’ve fled to Bawa cafe to work but let me vent. On holiday one has an idealized picture of what it’ll be like when back at the desk. Surely, one rhapsodises, concentration and willpower will blossom, fed by grandiose vacation-time goals and sunshine downtime!

We got back late Tuesday and I woke early for the next two mornings but that’s as positive a report as I can provide about the first five days back. I’ve put in decent hours but remain daunted by the immense complexity of where I left off on my narrative, so instead I’ve been working on catching up on “nuclear” news from the last two months (Trump, Iran, North Korea, small modular reactors, China’s push, Saudi Arabia’s entry). Necessary but, let’s be frank, an avoidance tactic.

Tomorrow morning comes the proper restart. So says I.

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