Stillness Big Year: Halfway done

Because it’s easy and rather neutral, my Big Year of spending ten minutes each day doing a Headspace meditation has continued apace. There was one night during our trip when I woke in the dark at 11:30 PM and thought, “damn, haven’t done my Headspace,” and promptly donned headphones, but otherwise I haven’t come close to missing a day.

Am I coming to any conclusions? Well, I’m a mindfulness sceptic, so I’m far from ready to embrace any grandiose claims, but I do believe something useful might eventuate from a regular, minimalist meditation practice. I’m trying a number of Headspace modules that teach different visualisations – for example a “creativeness spark” deep inside one that spreads out and out, or a beam of sunlight filling the body from toes to head – that could revolutionise how I manage my days. For the moment, I’ll merely continue to turn up each day, ten minutes at a time.

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