Freshness Big Year: Reboot, again and again

Some people have the most admirable exercising mentality. You all know quiet achievers who train for marathons or Iron Mans, and who, seemingly without mental strain, fit in extreme effort every day amidst life’s hurly-burly. I have Strava friends who are less rigidly systematic but who possess such strong motivation that they offset down times with regular massive efforts.

Regrettably I find myself more mortal and halting. Every week of my jogging/cycling/gym goals of 30 kms/50 kms/3 session is different to every other week. My motivation and fortitude plummets and I relaunch effort, time and time again. Sometimes all that spurs me to head outside is the Big Year annual goals and the panicky sensation of “what if I fail?” In Darwin since the start of the month, I ran a few times – 5 kms, 8kms, 5 kms – but all the outings were crap (I stopped). Then yesterday I managed to rise earlier and in the cool did 5 kms without stopping. Then today, up early enough again, I tricked myself into jogging outward for 5 kms, so that I had to jog 10 kms in all, and I only walked a couple of times.

I feel transformed – tomorrow I can aim for 10 kms without a stop. Why can’t every day be like this? Why can’t every week be “regular”?

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